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Sales and Technical Team

Our friendly ambassadors have met many people who may have a fire extinguisher but do not know how to use them in the correct procedure. Fret no more! Our ambassadors are trained in ensuring that your HOME has the best protection against any forms of fire hazards and will conduct a live demonstration to showcase the proper usage of the extinguisher. Our technical team also ensures that the installation of the products is done in the correct setting, and space.

Quality Assurance Team

Our QA team is designed to ensure that the fire extinguishers sold are of the meeting standards and quality. At the same time, they are always on the lookout for products that have come on board on the market, to ensure that YOU and your family receive the best protection that you deserve.

Fire Support Team

Our FSA team, is always on standby to provide 24/7 solutions to any problems that is being faced. They pledge to resolve any difficulties that are faced, to ensure that YOU will always have a peace of mind.

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