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Safeguard your home with Ohana

During 2014, the SCDF responded to 2,888 fire calls to residential households, and they made up of up to 61.1% of all fire calls responded by the organisation. This is an alarming figure, as it would mean that there are close to 8 residential fires that occur daily throughout Singapore.

Established in March 2015, Ohana Safety Services intention is of making every household safe. We specialise in fire safety products, such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire sensors. Whilst our company plans to branch out into various other areas of the maintenance of safety in households, our core is fire safety and the wellness of residents, and families in every household. We have a dedicated sale and delivery team, and a group of advisors from renowned organisations, to assist us in producing the best products for our consumers. We also maintain a high level of standard in terms of the maintenance of fire extinguishers, and place great emphasis on the distribution of high quality product.

At Ohana, we believe in safeguarding every household and every residential facility with a fire extinguisher. This will help to lower the residential fire rate in Singapore, and also alert people of the need to maintain a fire extinguisher in every apartment. We have managed to provide over 1000 homes with fire safety coverage since March 2015, with a complete 5-year warranty for our 2kg fire extinguishers. Along with that, we also are in keen negotiation with various condominium management companies on providing a resilient and comprehensive safety package for their overall residential safety.

At Ohana, we are committed to providing the best technical assistance to our consumers WITH FREE servicing of fire extinguishers for up to 5 years.

That would work out to $1.38/month.

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Safeguard your home with us now. Because Every Family is Important.